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Henry Brothers paperback + ebook bundle

Henry Brothers paperback + ebook bundle

Buy the full 4-book Henry Brothers series in paperback and receive the 4 ebooks for free!

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Series Synopsis

Welcome to Dragonfly Lake, a small town on a picturesque lake in Tennessee, where the waters run deep, the neighbors are nosy, and the Henry Brothers are stealing hearts.

Chapter 1 - Look Inside

Unraveled, Chapter One


There was a reason I hadn’t been back to my hometown in sixteen years.

Sixteen life-changing years. Yet as I approached the town limits of Dragonfly Lake on this brisk, drizzly March morning, there it was. That familiar feeling slid into my gut like an acid bath, sucking my self-confidence out of me and threatening to turn me back into an insecure girl from the wrong side of the tracks.

The ancient wooden sign that read “Welcome to Picturesque Dragonfly Lake, Population: More than a Couple Dozen”—hand-carved by Anna Delfico’s grandfather long before the population had grown to more than a few thousand on a good summer weekend—came into view. I sat up straighter and steeled myself.

I glanced down at my armor—high-dollar, designer-label, tailored black pants, silky cream-colored blouse, the trench coat that’d cost more than my monthly rent, and especially the red-soled, black ankle boots—and muttered out loud, “You’re not that girl anymore.”

My silver Lexus ES 350 was further proof, considering my ride out of Dragonfly Lake all those years ago had been in the passenger seat of my friend Holden Henry’s beat-up old puke-green Chevy Impala.

But as soon as I reached the downtown area—the highway becoming Main Street and the speed limit plummeting—I bit down on the inside of my lip, taking in the sight of everything that had once been so familiar. The elementary school, where I’d been the janitor’s daughter. The high school, where I’d been the geeky straight-A student with no social life to speak of. The Dragonfly Diner, where all the kids hung out for fries and shakes—except me.

I turned the radio on and cranked up a rock music station, as if that could drown out the world outside my windows. When I was almost to the lake itself, its grayness blending in with the colorless sky, I took a right turn on Honeysuckle Road and forced my mind to the mission at hand.

Buy the full 4-book Henry Brothers series in paperback and receive the 4 ebooks for free!

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Sometimes just a simple story is enough to restore the sunshine in our life and correct the gratitude lens. This series is one of those stories."


Nothing unravels a fake relationship faster than real feelings…


Holden Henry’s my best friend. I’m also hopelessly in love with him. In a big, unrequited way. 

So when he offered a marriage of convenience to keep me from losing out on a career-making opportunity, I should’ve refused. 

But I didn’t. 

Now, I have to squash all the silly, romantic fantasies I’ve ever had about Holden. Because there’s no way a happily ever after ending is in our future…right?


A fake marriage seemed like the perfect solution to both our problems. Chloe’s career would get the boost it needed, and I’d get funding for my own business venture. It was a win-win. But that’s when it all started to…unravel. Because I started asking myself questions I shouldn’t.

Was Chloe always so beautiful? So sexy? So…everything? 

All I know for sure is that if I can’t keep my feelings in check, there’s no way we’ll make it out of this marriage with our friendship (and my heart) intact… 


No one can outrun a scandal…or true love… 


Everyone thinks they know me. Joke’s on them. I don’t even know myself these days.

What I do know is that I need time away from being country music’s sweetheart. So, I left my PR stunt of a fiancé, and I ran.  

Right into Seth Henry. 

I wasn’t looking for love when I came to Dragonfly Lake. But what am I supposed to do now that I’ve found it?


I learned the hard way that relationships aren’t for me. Helping Everly had nothing to do with romance. Or how sexy she is. Falling for her was not part of the plan. 

Too bad no one let my heart in on the plan. 

I know happily ever after isn’t in the cards for us. One day, I’ll have to let her go. I just hope there’s a way to do it without destroying us both…


When you come undone, sometimes the only way to find yourself is to go back home…


I was about to land my dream writing job when I hit a plot twist. See, I inherited a fixer-upper inn in my small hometown. Where my first love—the guy who broke my heart—still lives. 

I wish I could say our chemistry had disappeared. But it hasn’t.

So now, I have to figure out how to walk down memory lane without repeating history. Because there’s no way I can afford to give him a second chance… 


I hurt Ava, and I wouldn’t blame her for hating me. I’d hate me, too. But that doesn’t mean I ever stopped wanting her. She’s just as smart and sexy as ever. Avoiding her would be like avoiding…sunlight. 

So, if she wants a hot fling while she’s in town, I’ll give it to her.  

I know she’ll probably end up taking my heart with her when she leaves me—and Dragonfly Lake—in her rearview. But that’s my problem. Not hers…   


Who says love can’t show up on your doorstep, completely unexpected?


I have a plan, and it doesn’t include falling for the older, hot single dad who convinced me to be his short-term nanny. So, I will leave my small town and my broken heart behind and go back to college.

Or so I told myself.

But now I’m starting to wonder if my plan has room for an unexpected happily ever after… 


To say I was overwhelmed when I found a baby on my doorstep would be an understatement. Quincy saved me when she stepped in to help. 

The last thing I need is a no-strings fling with a twenty-something woman with her whole life ahead of her. I should walk away, no matter how much I want her. 

But I don’t. 

Now, I need to figure out how to let her go when the time comes. Preferably without breaking her heart. Or mine…

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