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North Brothers Paperback + Free Ebook Bundle

North Brothers Paperback + Free Ebook Bundle

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Series Synopsis

The CEO. The flirt. The boy next door. The Navy pilot. The black sheep.

Meet 5 swoon-worthy bachelor brothers and the women who bring them to their knees in the best-selling North Brothers series.

Chapter 1 - Look Inside

True North, Chapter One

Getting dumped sucked, even when you weren’t that wild about the guy to start with.

Getting dumped two days before your sister’s wedding, being left dateless… That was an altogether different level of suck.

Sierra Lowell shut the back door of her business harder than she meant to and let out a quiet but heartfelt stream of swear words.

“Everything okay?”

She turned from the door to see Cole North, her foreman, sticking his head into the room.

“Fine,” she said, brushing off the irritation from her personal life and slipping back into business mode. It probably revealed a lot about her relationship—former relationship—that she so easily got her mind back on the subject of her meeting with Cole. “Sorry about the interruption.”

“What did what’s-his-name do to you?”

“How do you know it’s what’s-his-name?”

“You were fine all day, even with the wedding stress. He shows up, you slam the door, I find you swearing a blue streak after him… Are you going to tell me it’s not?”

Cole was the kind of guy who didn’t say too much but who paid attention, sometimes more than she wanted him to. “He screwed me over for a wedding date,” she said.

“He canceled on you?”

“Broke up with me. Which wouldn’t be a big deal if not for Kennedy’s wedding. We were never that serious but had agreed to at least get through the wedding.”

“What changed?”

She blew out a breath as she pulled her ponytail out from under her jacket. “He met someone he really likes. Wants to see her this weekend.”

Cole watched her, assessing, and then he said, “That blows.”

“I’d be okay with it if it didn’t leave me in the lurch for the wedding.”

“Do you really need a date?” he asked skeptically.

Such a guy.

“I really do. My mom is militant about RSVPs and head counts for the hotel caterers. If I don’t show up with a plus one, I’ll never hear the end of it.”

There was more—as the youngest Lowell sibling, Sierra always felt she had to prove herself, in every arena, justified or not, and both her siblings had found their person, were settled or settling, and she was so far from it, it wasn’t funny—but it wasn’t worth going into with Cole. She fully acknowledged it was at least partially in her head, but it wasn’t likely she could resolve twenty-some years of mental crap in the next forty-eight hours.

“Plus there’s the bridal party dance…” She shook her head, realizing how woe-is-me she would sound to admit out loud she didn’t want to be the odd girl out.

“What kind of dance?” Cole said, lowering his bag to the chair he’d been sitting on.

“Just a slow song. Standard partner dance. Nothing special, but it’s a thing.” She looked away, pressed her lips together as she started sorting through options, because the other single attendant—the groom’s brother—was bringing a date, and they’d already decided their dates would join them for the bridal party dance. If Sierra didn’t find someone, she’d either look like a dumb ass out there by herself or be conspicuously absent for that song. She disliked both options.

“It’s Saturday night?” he asked, looking pensive.

“Five thirty. I have”—she picked up her phone and pushed the button to check the time—“forty-seven and a half hours to find someone. I’m not going alone.”

She unlocked her phone, opened her contacts, and was about to tap on her brother’s name, hoping he’d know someone he could set her up with, as pathetic as that was, when Cole said, “I can stand in for your date.”

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True North

It might be a fake date, but what if he’s not faking it?

Loner Cole North has always been the odd guy out. His IQ is sky-high, but he’s not so bright when it comes to people or relationships. Years ago, he spurned expectations, shunned his family’s business, and embraced a career in construction instead. Now he values his job above everything, in part because of his secret feelings for his boss, Sierra. While he could never be right for her personally, he endeavors to be exactly what she needs in the workplace.

Remodeler Sierra Lowell might be creative, hardworking, and a color-outside-the-lines thinker in her job, but there’s one line she’s never crossed. It’s tough enough to be a woman in a man’s job without adding sex or emotions to the mix. Smart, sexy Cole is without question her right-hand man, but the lines get blurred when Sierra’s life is complicated with a wedding date crisis and the television opportunity of a lifetime. 

Cole impulsively steps up to be her go-to guy for both. When their fake date is interrupted by a family emergency, having Sierra at his side makes him realize there’s a fine line between alone and lonely and that maybe he’s ready for less of both. Can he find a way to go from being a right-hand man to the right man for her?

True Colors

Not much bothers him…until his best friend’s little sister moves to town. 

Carefree personal trainer Drake North is long on charm and short on connections that do more than skim the surface. His main ties are to his family and his best friend, so when his friend’s little sister moves to town, Drake promises to look out for her. But when he offers her his spare bedroom for a few nights, he might be in over his head.

High-end honeymoon planner Mackenzie Shaw can take care of herself. In her job for the rich and famous, she leaves nothing to chance. However, she’s long yearned to settle down—with a permanent address, a flourishing career, and a close-knit group of friends. Moving back to Nashville affords her the chance to do just that…if only she can ignore her years-old crush on her brother’s best friend.   

Though opposites attract, Drake has no interest in settling down anytime soon. But when Mackenzie travels overseas for work and he finds himself following her around the world, he’s forced to admit there’s nothing shallow about his feelings. Can he make a lasting commitment and prove to Mackenzie he’s everything she needs?

True Blue

She was jilted on her wedding day. He’s the best friend waiting in the wings.

Lexie Gallagher is starting to think she’s better off alone. Her family fell apart years ago. Her relationships all end in disaster. Is she the common denominator who causes everyone to leave? Everyone but her best friend, Gabe, who whisks her away from the scene of the latest breakup.

As the Human Resources VP for North Brothers Sports, Gabe North understands people and how to meet their needs. What Lexie’s always needed is a true-blue friend, doubly so when she’s left at the altar. Of course he’ll be her shoulder to cry on—even though he’s wanted to be more than friends for years.

As Lexie heals from her recent rejection, Gabe is everything she needs…and then he becomes even more. But when life gets tricky, will Lexie find herself eternally alone or can she finally believe that true blue is forever? 

True Harmony

He’s all business all the time. Now he’s suddenly a dad.

Fiddle player Eliza Bancroft had to improvise after an unplanned pregnancy four years ago. Instead of pursuing her dream of performing live music, she changed keys and has focused on being a good mom and a sought-after studio musician in Nashville. Her rhythm is set until she spots her son’s father in a local magazine and realizes the man she was unable to track down lives right under her nose in Music City.

As head of the family and CEO of North Brothers Sports, Mason North doesn’t have time for play. His life mission is to build the family business—his father’s legacy—so it can thrive for years to come. When the company’s future becomes endangered, he mounts a full-scale assault to protect what matters the most. Then an unforgettable woman from his past lays a four-year-old truth bomb on him that blows up his priorities.

Though they come from different worlds, the attraction from before still hums between Eliza and Mason. But Mason has spent a lifetime entrenched solely in business, and Eliza has two hearts to protect. Can he embrace a more harmonious approach and give them a second chance at love?

True Hero

A one-night fling won’t change anything, right?

After suffering a terrible loss, fighter pilot Zane North walks away from his military career and returns home to start a new life—one he’s determined to control. Instead, he’s confronted by his sister-in-law’s unpredictable best friend, the one woman he can’t ignore.

Hayden Henry, an up-and-coming designer, has devoted herself to her job. She’s had her heart crushed before and isn’t looking to give love another try. Still, she’s always been intrigued by quiet, sexy Zane. So when he rescues her at her best friend’s wedding, she succumbs to one night with the irresistible pilot. But afterward, she realizes her heart isn’t her own anymore. Worse, their impulsive fling has life-altering consequences.

Following Hayden’s baby bombshell, Zane proves steadfast and dependable, so she cautiously lets him into her heart. But she soon realizes his is locked up tight. As she’s contemplating a life without him, a reminder from his past crushes Zane’s hard-won control. Will he keep his feelings safely in lockdown or will he dare to embrace his unexpected love for Hayden?

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True North
True Colors
True Blue
True Harmony
True Hero

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