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Friends to Lovers

Friends to Lovers

A bundle of 4 Friends to Lovers stories

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A bundle of 4 Friends to Lovers stories by Amy Knupp

- True Blue -

She was jilted on her wedding day. He’s the best friend waiting in the wings.

Lexie Gallagher is starting to think she’s better off alone. Her family fell apart years ago. Her relationships all end in disaster. Is she the common denominator who causes everyone to leave? Everyone but her best friend, Gabe, who whisks her away from the scene of the latest breakup.

As the Human Resources VP for North Brothers Sports, Gabe North understands people and how to meet their needs. What Lexie’s always needed is a true-blue friend, doubly so when she’s left at the altar. Of course he’ll be her shoulder to cry on—even though he’s wanted to be more than friends for years.

As Lexie heals from her recent rejection, Gabe is everything she needs…and then he becomes even more. But when life gets tricky, will Lexie find herself eternally alone or can she finally believe that true blue is forever?


- One and Only -

Second-best will never be good enough for her.

Drummer Micah Sullivan lost his music and his dreams when his wife died unexpectedly. In the aftermath, he quit his band and pushed away family and friends. Three years later, he’s opened a music shop and tells himself he’s content trying to make it a hit. What he failed to consider is that success requires connections—including the very ones he turned his back on.

When Sloan McGuire takes a job at a bar as the entertainment manager, she doesn’t expect to run into Micah, whose late wife was her best friend. She can tell he’s still lost in grief, and out of love for her friend, she resolves to help him find peace. What she and Micah find together, though, has the potential to be something more.

Sloan fights the attraction, not only because of their history but because she’s always been second fiddle. To Micah, a solo act seems safer than a duet, but with Sloan, he develops a new appreciation for harmony. Music may be his forte, but can he find the words to convince her she’s his one and only?

One and Only is a stand-alone novel with a hard-fought HEA in the Hale Street series.


- Unraveled -

A marriage of convenience can test even the best of friends.

Holden Henry is every girl’s dream—kind, funny, outgoing. A catch in every sense. Despite my wrong-side-of-the-tracks upbringing, he’s been my friend forever. He has no idea I’ve had more-than-friends feelings for him for years, and I intend to keep it that way.

When I’m forced to return to the small town where we grew up, I’m faced with a big, fat problem. Being a good pal, Holden offers me a too-tempting solution: a marriage of convenience. It’s a crazy plan…but I’m desperate enough to try it. Besides, he’s not just saving me; we’ll be helping each other.

The catch? We have to stay married for a year. But once I inherit the company of my dreams and Holden launches his own start-up, we can go back to being just friends, right? Except…what if he figures out that I’ve been in love with him forever? Worse, what if I have to choose between the career I’ve always wanted and the man I can’t live without?


- Playing with Fire -

She’s secretly burned for her best friend for years.

Derek Severson left his career as a firefighter after tragedy shook him to his soul. Running his uncle’s beachside bar on a south Texas island gives him the chance to heal, find peace, and avoid entanglements. That is, until Macey, his childhood friend, tracks him down.

After two years abroad in a developing country, Macey Locke is ready to dive in to her Peace Corps-inspired foundation. But when she learns Derek is suffering, she can’t turn her back. Six weeks on a tropical island to help the guy she’s loved for years? No-brainer.

Derek can’t help but notice she’s not the same girl he used to know. She’s more. More self-assured, more determined, more irresistible. But is she enough for him to let go of his newfound fragile peace and give in to the passion sparking between them?

Playing with Fire is a stand-alone novel with a heartwarming and satisfying HEA in the Island Fire series.

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