Amy's Book List

Below is a complete list of Amy's books. You can also click the button to download a printable version of Amy's Book List.

Complete List

Single Dads of Dragonfly Lake

Singled Out - (Max Dawson and Harper Ellison)

Single All the Way (Ben Holloway and Emerson Estes)



UntoldPrequel to Unraveled (Chloe Abrams and Holden Henry)

Unraveled (Chloe Abrams and Holden Henry)

Unsung (Seth Henry and Everly Ash)

Undone (Cash Henry and Ava Dean)

Unexpected (Knox Breckenridge and Quincy Yates)


(spin-off of Hale Street)

True North (Cole North and Sierra Lowell)

True Colors (Drake North and Mackenzie Shaw)

True Blue (Gabe North and Lexie Gallagher)

True Harmony (Mason North and Eliza Bancroft)

True Hero (Zane North and Hayden Henry)


(Series includes other books by Emily Leigh and Natasha Lake) 

Sweet Spot (Hunter Clayborne and Kennedy Lowell)

Sweet Dreams (Hunter and Kennedy sequel)

Soft Spot (Jackson Lowell and Asia Knowles)

One and Only (Micah Sullivan and Sloan McGuire)

Last First Kiss (Ash McGuire and Lena Kessler)

Heartstrings (Tucker Steele and Gin Verdinelli)



Playing with Fire (Derek Severson and Macey Locke)

Heat of the Night (Evan Drake and Selena Jarboe)

Fully Involved (Clay Marlow and Andie Tyler)

Firestorm (Joe Mendoza and Faith Peligni)

Afterburn (Scott Pataki and Mercedes Stone)

Up in Flames (Penn Griffin and Nadia Hamlin)

Flash Point (Cale Jackson and Rachel Culver)

Fire Within (Nate Rottinghaus and Sophie Alexander)

Impulse (Sawyer Culver and Mariah Jackson)

Slow Burn (Cooper Flannagan and Zoe Griffin)

Current Series