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Second Chance

Second Chance

A bundle of 4 Second Chance stories

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A bundle of 4 Second Chance stories by Amy Knupp

There's something doubly sweet about the second time around, at least in romance novels! It’s the reassuring familiarity of someone you know well plus the jittery excitement of falling in love. It all wraps itself right around your heart and squeezes. Dive into 4 of my best-selling books, all with a second-chance romance theme.


- Flash Point -

Her secret connects them in a way he’s never imagined.

Becoming an ER doctor is the second hardest thing Rachel Culver has ever done. The hardest was losing her beloved twin sister two years ago. As a medical resident living far from her family, Rachel was able to keep her grief at a distance. But now that she’s back on San Amaro Island, there’s no avoiding her anguish…or her guilty secret.

Cale Jackson is a rescuer at heart, both in his job as fire lieutenant and outside of it. But his fiancée’s heartbreaking death derailed him, and he’s been focused on healing himself ever since. When he runs into her sister, Rachel, in the ER, he suspects she’s struggling even more than he is, and he reaches out.

Rachel’s an expert at keeping people at arm’s length, but the secret she’s keeping from Cale connects them in a way he’s never imagined. If she tells him the truth, will it bring them closer…or scare him off forever?


- True Harmony -

He’s all business all the time. Now he’s also suddenly a dad.

Fiddle player Eliza Bancroft had to improvise after an unplanned pregnancy four years ago. Instead of pursuing her dream of performing live music, she changed keys and has focused on being a good mom and a sought-after studio musician in Nashville. Her rhythm is set until she spots her son’s father in a local magazine and realizes the man she was unable to track down lives right under her nose in Music City.

As head of the family and CEO of North Brothers Sports, Mason North doesn’t have time for play. His life mission is to build the family business—his father’s legacy—so it can thrive for years to come. When the company’s future becomes endangered, he mounts a full-scale assault to protect what matters the most. Then an unforgettable woman from his past lays a four-year-old truth bomb on him that blows up his priorities.

Though they come from different worlds, the attraction from before still hums between Eliza and Mason. But Mason has spent a lifetime entrenched solely in business, and Eliza has two hearts to protect. Can he embrace a more harmonious approach and give them a second chance at love? 


- Undone -

An aspiring screenwriter gets a real-life plot twist—and a second chance at love—when she returns to her hometown.

On the verge of landing my dream job as a head TV writer, I’m called back to small-town Tennessee to find my aunt left me her fixer-upper inn.

Seventeen years is a long time to be away, but some things never change. I’m reminded of everything I left behind…and the man who left me behind.

Cash Henry, executive chef and owner of his family’s restaurant, is delicious as ever. And off-limits. Returning to Dragonfly Lake might be a walk down memory lane, but I’m not looking to repeat history.

I just never expected everything to still feel so real between us. The longer I’m here, the harder it is to remember I don’t belong. But my life is in LA, and I promised myself I’d put my own needs first for once.

My opportunity of a lifetime won’t last forever, but what I’m feeling for Cash just might. The last thing either of us needs is to start something we can’t finish. Will the man who broke my heart be the one to put it back together?


- Up in Flames -

She cost him his career. He's got no plans to give her a second chance.

Firefighting is everything for Penn Griffin—his job, his family, and his friends. When a hurricane roars toward San Amaro Island, he’s called on a rescue and ends up face-to-face with Nadia, the gorgeous but frustrating woman he went on one interrupted date with months ago. Now, in one fell swoop, she’s altered his life irrevocably.

Nadia Hamlin eats, sleeps, and breathes her career at her family’s beachside hotel. As the storm approaches, she thinks nothing of making a last-minute stop at the hotel on the way out of town—until it’s too late. Thanks to her careless decision, Penn’s beloved career is over.

Nadia wants to make it up to him. Penn wants nothing to do with her or her well-intentioned “help.” But the attraction that once sparked between them isn’t easily extinguished, and soon Nadia wants more than her career—she wants a second chance with Penn. Can he find his way toward forgiveness and acceptance and a future with Nadia?

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